Columbia International Triathlon: How (not) to do a Flying Dismount

Results: 3rd Overall –  40k Bike (1:04:18), 10k Run (35:56))

The Columbia Triathlon was my last “prep” race before Eagleman and I was excited to get out on the course and see how the past few weeks of training had worked out.  While I had a good bike at the Richmond Sprint a few weeks prior, Coach Jenny and I felt like there was plenty more that I could do so we decided to have me push things a little harder.  Unfortunately, the swim was canceled a few days before race start because of all the rain we had in the area and poor water quality, so the race started off with the bike leg(after a short run into transition to get your bike).  Nonetheless, a big shout-out to my new sponsor, XTERRA wetsuits for shipping me a new wetsuit the week before the race…I can’t wait to race in it!.   I was able to push relatively hard and had a solid bike leg – perhaps a little better than expected.  Since my bike power numbers were up quite a lot from racing just a few weeks prior, I was a bit nervous I had pushed too hard and didn’t leave anything left for the notoriously challenging 6.2 mile run.  As I came into T2 transition, I probably should have been less focused about my bike power numbers and more focused on the task at hand:  getting off the bike.  And here is the visual lesson:

Pretend there is a picture here of me launching myself over my handlebars.  And then…

Fortunately, my injuries weren’t so bad I couldn’t jump back up, get the bike into transition, and out on the run.  I was also lucky that Candy Cane wasn’t injured too bad either!

I actually had a blast on the run.  It was nonstop hills but the legs felt pretty good, and I was able to lock in a sub 6min/mile pace which was faster than I had expected.   With the day, I ended up with a bunch of completely unexpected things:  a bloody toe, shoe, knuckles, and shirt, bruises on my ankle, forearm, shoulder, knee and, hip, a scratched up bike, and a 3rd place overall finish.  I suppose it wasn’t too bad a day after all…

Next Up:  Ironman Eagleman 70.3  June 8, 2014