Ironman Eagleman 70.3: A ticket to Kona! (please just don’t read the footnote)

Results: 1st AG- 4:08:44 (1.2m Swim (27:20), 56m Bike (2:16:28), 13.1m Run (1:22:04))


Eagleman Pics

This past weekend I raced at Eagleman 70.3, a notoriously hot, flat, and fast ½ Ironman in Cambridge, Maryland.  It was a pretty big race for me in that I had been focusing much of my training on it since the end of last season.  And it was a big success:  I had a solid swim, PR’d on my bike split, won my age group, and qualified for the World Championships in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. I even managed to dismount from my bike without any resulting injuries!  Going into the race, I was most concerned about the run given I had pulled a massive stick out of my foot after swimming the swim course Saturday.  And while the run wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, it ended up looking pretty darn good on paper, at least… [1].  And now, having written the footnote (that I hope you did not read), I feel better.   It was really fantastic to have my parents, my sister, and Alice at the race.  Once again, they amaze me with all their unselfishness and support they give not just on race day, throughout all the training leading up to the race.

I have lots of work coming up to prepare myself for Kona and a whole host of things I need to learn going into my first full distance Ironman – let alone the World Championships.  But I’ll take a few more days to relax, eat, sleep, eat some more and, enjoy some great memories.  Aloha!


Post Race













[1] But again, I am warning you, the dedicated reader, to skip this section:  I was not pleased with my run.  I know I can run faster – perhaps a good deal faster – and it’s driving me a bit nuts.  The training was there, I got in all the nutrition that coach jenny and I had planned, but for some reason, I just didn’t have the speed that I was planning on.  Maybe it was a sore foot from stepping on a sharp piece of wood the day before the race (it could have been much worse), maybe it was my slightly upset stomach (could have been much worse), maybe it was the heat (could have been much worse), or maybe it was a combination of things,  but it just didn’t play out as I had hoped.  And I may never know exactly why —  perhaps that’s why its driving me a bit crazy. But I do know that if I don’t let it go, I will ruin the joy and successes of the weekend.  The run could have been much worse!   So now that I have this down in writing, it’s time to just let it go…