Luray Olympic – A hotel room more interesting than my race?

I had a feeling when I booked what was likely the last available room in all of Luray and the surrounding towns – the “Honeymoon Suite” at the Cardinal Inn – that Alice and I were in for quite an adventure– And we were not disappointed…

Some of the highlights of our accommodations:

  • Stale cigarette smoke smell infused room (when asked, the owner disagreed, saying it was a smell of “wood”   He didn’t comment about the giant ashtray that was sitting next to the no smoking sign on the porch)
  • Fresh carpet.  Only problem was that they forgot to glue down the square pieces so they moved underfoot.
  • “Tower” of first class appliances.  3 ½ legged table with refrigerator on top, with microwave on top of refrigerator, with vintage Norelco coffee maker on top of microwave.   The “tower” had a slight sway to it…I can’t believe the whole thing didn’t fall over.
  • Luxury bath soaps (they were from Ramada — does that hotel chain even exist anymore?)
  • Plush Towels.   I think this was the first time I’ve used a bath towel that actually scratched my skin.
  • Squishy Padded Toilet Seat.  Need I say more?
  • And last, but surely not least:  Elegant wall artwork:

My TT bike, “Mary Jayne.” The artwork was fantastic contrast to the dusty crimson decor of the rest of the room.



Did I mention it was the “honeymoon suite”?!

But since this is supposed to be a blog about my race, I figure that I should put in something in here about the triathlon.  One word really sums it up:  “blah”    Not a bad “blah” or a good “blah”   Just “blah.”  I swam a little better than last year and  ran a little better than last year, which was great.  But for the bike, the legs were just not there –and I was a bit slower than last year.  Physically and mentally I just felt a bit flat.  Coach Jenny pointed out that my HR actually came down during the bike portion, a clear indication that I was simply too tired to push myself hard enough to my actual capabilities.  And as my good Ausie friend Lucas reminded me during our 1 hour run after the race, “Its Ironman training, mate.  You are feeling exactly as you are supposed to.”

All in all, it was a solid morning of training.  Best part was that I was able to “turn off”  triathlon  in the afternoon (“leave the race at the race”), and enjoy some quality time with Alice before heading out on Sunday for a 5+ hour “recovery” ride.

Now it’s just 8 weeks until Kona.  Hope that our condo in Hawaii is a step up from the luxurious accommodations of at Cardinal Inn…