Richmond Sprint Triathlon

Results: 1st Overall – 54:24 (400m Swim (5:16), 20k Bike (30:11), 5k Run (17:06))


Richmond4 Richmond5Swim, Bike, Run

The Richmond Sprint Tri was my first triathlon of the 2014 season and I had been looking forward to it for quite some time. I felt like my winter and spring training had gone well and that with a few good running race results the past several months, I was ready to get out and test out the swim and bike fitness and pull it all together.

Pre-Race: Route 95 traffic – no matter what time you leave on Friday, there is always traffic. Also, I had some odd soreness – almost bruised feeling – in both of my quads. Coach Jenny and I decided it was just the result of an easier few days of training and my body a little in shock from cutting back some.

Race Morning: Earrrrlllly! It’s ironic that the shorter the race, the longer I need before the race to get ready. A 7 am gun time, meant that the alarm went off at 3:45. Thankfully for me, CJ and Alice are real troupers – I never have to wonder if they will be awake and ready to help as needed:

Swim: Ran over a few guys in front of me who didn’t quite understand the idea of correctly entering their predicted pace time. I really try to be considerate in mass/open water swims, but I don’t really have too much sympathy to guys who seed themselves 10 seconds faster than a pace they can actually hold. Thanks to the small miracle of overnight shipping, I got to use my new XTERRA speedsuit on the swim. I absolutely loved it — super comfortable and easy to pull off after the swim. Thanks to XTERRA for helping me out!

Bike: Felt solid (although the quads were still a bit sore). It was my first time racing with my Quarq power meter and I loved it. The power numbers kept me honest – helped keep me “in check” when my HR started to come up, and push me harder when the legs were feeling the burn.

Run: Very pleased with the run. I had put speed laces on my new Altra Torins and really liked how comfortable they were and responsive to the quicker pace. After getting off the bike, I was able to get the HR in check fairly quickly, had a solid first lap and then picked up the pace for the second half to bring it home to the finish.

Highlights/Takeaways: Having Coach Jenny, Alice, and several other team members of White Line Tri and Velo at the race was really fantastic. We got to cheer for each other and even got in a few pictures of the new WLT&V race kits.

The goal of this race was to work on pulling all three sports together and executing well.  Looking back, I am very pleased with how things went.

Next Up:  Columbia Triathlon -Olympic Distance Triathlon May 18, 2014